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About us

Athena Group of Companies
We in Athena Group of Companies, as a frontier and successful group in providing comprehensive and efficient IT solutions, are making an all-out effort in order to preserve our share in development of IT based services for economic enterprises of our country. Caring about the customers, service quality and quick response have always been on frontispiece of our work and we create basis for a sustainable growth for our stakeholders in a win-win environment.
The Athena Group of companies was founded in 2006 by establishment of its first company, Athena Information and Communication Technology Co. With the aim of fulfilling the SME organizations needs in IT Network and support and Service. As IT security was hot subject at those years, Pars Athena Dej Co. (PAAD) came to existence in 2008 with the aim of providing top level IT security products through an international class of channel of partners. During its years of operation, the company has become to a powerful player in the field of distributing information and network security products.
In 2015, a knowledge-based company, Samaneh Negar Athena (SANA), the third member of the group, officially started its operation with the aim of providing modern services in the field of crowd-funding and cloud services.
The Athena Group of Companies benefits from an experienced managerial team, which holds total experience of more than 30 years in the field of management and providing services in different areas of IT. The managers of Athena group are devoting themselves to provide relative IT services in accordance with international standards and by sharing their managerial experiences with the team of employees, they always try to be the best in IT business.
The Athena Group has put attention to values as a self-duty in all of its subsidiary companies:
– Customer Care
– Providing High-Quality Services
– Quick Responses
– Valorizing Employees
– Emphasizing Sustainable Economic Growth

About Samaneh Negar Athena (SANA)
Samaneh Negar Athena (SANA) is a knowledge-based company which concentrates on development and provision of cloud storage and crowd-funding services. This team believes in no limitation in providing mentioned services and is putting an all-out effort to move alongside the most updated technologies.
Some of SANA Services:
– Consultancy and Provision of Comprehensive Solutions
– Design and Development of Cloud Platforms
– Design and Development of Crowd-Funding and Crowd-Sourcing Platforms
– Training

About Pars Athena Dej Co. (PAAD)
The PAAD Co., as a member of Athena Group of Companies, is focused on building a mature, powerful and well educated channel of partners in IT security business. By acquiring valid and authentic representations from the most reliable security services providers, e.g. Kaspersky Lab, Cyberoam, Fortinet, Solarwinds, etc., and its close relations with these sources has shown success in providing its channel the best combination of world class security brands and world class channel services.
PAAD channel, by having over 80 active partners in corporate security solutions and hundreds of retail stores, is the most powerful and organized IT security channel in Iran which covers all over the country

About Athena ICT
Athena information and communication technology Co. (as the first member of the Athena Group), with the goal of providing high quality services and quick responses to customers, has acquired a significant share in network and security market of SME organizations this company is honored to have the designing and implementing of many national enterprise projects.
Some of Athena ICT Services:
– Consultancy and provision of comprehensive solutions
– Maintenance and support for IT infrastructure
– Design, installation and maintenance of active networks
– Providing high end security solutions
– Training
– Sales of related equipment